Smyth County Schools Return to Hybrid Instruction Model

In-Person or Virtual

As we transition back to hybrid instruction on February 1, we are anticipating that your child will remain as they were when we were previously hybrid. If your child was virtual, we will plan for them to be fully virtual starting February 1. If you would like to change their status (virtual to hybrid or hybrid to virtual), please call your child’s school by noon on Thursday, January 28 to allow time for bus route adjustments. Additionally, we are asking parents to make the decision for their child and to keep their status as in-person or virtual through March 31. This timeline will allow us to develop plans to ensure social distancing within our classrooms. We will re-adjust April 1 to accommodate any parental requests for changes (virtual to in-person or in-person to virtual).



Once we begin hybrid instruction on February 1, home meal delivery will cease. For virtual students, we will have meal pick-up on Monday, Tuesday (2 days of meals will be given), Thursday, and Friday. Each school will notify parents of virtual students the time for pick-up. During hybrid instruction, students may choose to have an additional meal provided for the days they are not at school. If your child is in-person and you would like the extra meal, please contact your child’s school. As we transition to 4 days per week, students will be offered the opportunity for an additional meal on Tuesday for Wednesday.